Eddie the Eagle Ski Show Hoax!

Eddie 1

The ski world was in shock last night as it discovered that Eddie the Eagle Edwards was the victim of a lookie likie impersonator who appeared at the London ski show last week.


The real Eddie was there last Friday meeting the public and promoting a trip to Canada that he is hosting with Kicking Horse Powder Tours this coming February.

The fake Eddie however, now know to be 27 yr old student Mr Christopher Farmer, was also at the show and, posing as the Eagle, duped journalists, pro-skiers and public alike with his devious disguise.






Rob Stewart from Ski Press was amongst those taken in

“I really though it was Eddie – he had the outfit and everything” said Stewart, pictured.







Para skier Menna Fitzpatrick and her ski partner Jen Kehoe were also taken in by the hoax.

“We saw who believed to be Eddie hanging about on the Kicking Horse Powder Tours stand and went over to say hello. We chatted in general about skiing and his legendary jumping feats for 10 mins or so and even posed for a selfie- he was just so convincing we never doubted for a minute it was him.” said Kehoe.







Another industry name Dan Keeley from the Youth charity Snow Camp was also duped.

“Admittedly I was dressed as a turtle when I met the Eddie lookie likie so couldn’t really see that much but he sounded like Eddie so I just assumed he was…I feel really stupid now!”







The game was rumbled by the real Eddie the Eagle himself when, caught in the act, on the Friday morning, Farmer was unmasked. Initially suspicious of the impersonators motives Eddie quickly saw the funny side however when Farmer explained what was going on.



I was only doing it for a bit of fun said Chris, and anyway Kicking Horse Powder Tours paid me to do it- something to do with promoting their trip with Eddie, this coming February. I’ve certainly learnt my lesson however and won’t be impersonating Eddie again any time soon.”






Richard Barker from Kicking Horse Powder Tours made this statement about the incident.

“It is true that Mr Farmer was asked by me to dress up as Eddie but at no time did I ask him to pretend he was the real Eddie the Eagle…I guess things just got out of hand. That said, the good news is is that there are places available for you to ski with the real Eddie the Eagle this coming season at Kicking Horse for 7 nights from the 25th February!”


Call Richard on 07977 274182 for more information!