Backcountry Ski Guiding

Kicking Horse Powder Tours offers, guided, off-piste powder skiing and snowboarding excursions and backcountry ski touring trips throughout BC’s Powder Highway area.A ski guide makes your snow-riding in the mountains a truly great experience. For your safety and success, Kicking Horse Powder Tours are partnered with Certified ACMG guiding professionals who are qualified to the highest standards in Canada and world-wide.


Kicking Horse Area

In the Kicking Horse Country area we are partnered with Adrenalin Descents, ACMG certified Ski Guides. Based in Golden BC they have been guiding clients locally and throughout Canada for many years.

Adrenalin Descents Ski Guides can bring you to the best, untracked snow conditions to be found and their historical knowledge enables them to deliver safe, exciting skiing throughout the season.

From heart pounding descents to smooth backcountry lines, Adrenalin Descents can tailor the experience to anyones needs.


Nelson Area

In the Nelson area we are partnered with Summit Mountain Guides.

Summit Mountain Guides provide a professional ski guiding service, offering experienced and ACMG certified guides with years of local knowledge. Their low guest to guide ratio offers a safe and personal backcountry ski touring experience.

Nelson, located in the heart of the Selkirk, Monashee and Purcell Mountains is well recognized for its legendary deep powder & hidden backcountry skiing gems.

Some of our Backcountry Trip Options

We can taylor trips to suit your skills, needs and requirements but some of our backcountry trip options include:

Single day Trips



Travelling as part of a small group, you will hike and ski tour in the backcountry to access into ski terrain that provides some fantastic powder skiing and boarding. The day will see you ski 3 or 4 big lines with lunch being taken as we go.


Multi day Trips

More of the same but with the ability to explore more areas, progress further each day and find all the secret lines and hidden stashes there are.


Multi Resort Experience

A similar agenda as Single day trips but with day visits to other local resorts.


Snowmobile Access Ski Touring



In the Kicking Horse area, Adrenalin Descents have rights for sled accessed ski touring to to over 11,000 hectares of potential powder skiing. With the use of a powerful, fuel efficient snow machine, they provide easy access guiding and backcountry programs and guarantee the best quality snow to be found in the area.


Multi day Ski Touring Camping Trips



Let’s go – We take you, and the provisions and get out into the wilderness! Staying in Base camp style Arctic tents you will get away from it all and really get into mountain life.


Ultimate Powder Highway Trips

Located in the Kootenay Rockies region in southwest British Columbia The Powder Highway has one of the world’s highest densities of ski activity operations, with over 50 providers along the 530-mile loop. With eight alpine resorts to choose from and oodles of off-piste & backcountry skiing we offer organised trips resort based trips along with guided backcountry itineraries throughout the Powder Highway.


As a minimum for all these activities, you will need to be a good intermediate skier or boarder and reasonably fit.