AprèsSkis by KHPT – our range of stuff made from Skis.

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 ‘AprèsSkis’ by Kicking Horse Powder Tours is a range of Ski chairs, Ski tables, Ski benches, Ski coat racks, Ski ski-racks, drinking ‘Shot Skis’ and pretty much whatever else you can think of that can incorporate skis in their design!

Why? – Well, whenever we’ve been out and about in ski resorts and ski towns in Europe & Nth America over the last few years we’ve see loads of great classic ski chairs and ‘Shot Skis’ in the local bars. Envious of this ‘old ski stuff ‘ we decided to make some for ourselves & once we did this all our friends wanted some – so, we thought…why not make some fun stuff to sell?

So now on our travels and at home we search throughout Europe and Nth America for both classic, retro and new skis and skiing parafanelia with which to make items.  From old school Atomics, Fischers & Dynastars to more modern day skis from Salomon & Rossignol there’s something to appeal to skiing fans both young and old.

If you have some old skis in the loft or garage give us a call – we are always looking to buy new stock to turn into things…

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Our single & double ski chairs & benches are based around a natural cedar frame to a classic Canadian design whilst our ski coat racks and ski ski-racks cleverly incorporate classic ski bindings and ski poles.

As well as ‘Off the Shelf’ items we offer custom made orders…just give us a call to discuss what you’re after.

Our  famous ‘Powder Tour’s Shot Skis are available in a standard range of retro and new skis as well as a  personalised design service.

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All skis are sold with a set of four glass or stainless steel shot glasses with which to down your favourite shooter tipple – just choose what you prefer.

Our aim is to offer fun, quality products so you can expect to receive something both well made and pretty unique.

For more information Contact Richard Barker

P: +44 7977 274182

E: richard@aprèsskis.com

W: www.AprèsSkis.com

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