10 reasons why you must never, never go on a skiing trip to Kicking Horse.


Kicking Horse is an awful place, you mus’nt come, you’ll hate it, the skiing is rubbish, the food is horrible, pretty much everything is ghastly. No really, it’s true…or do I just want to keep it to myself for a little bit longer…


1.   It takes ages to get to Canada, so it’s is really far too far to go for a skiing holiday. I mean whats more important – good snow conditions and smaller crowds, or getting there as fast? And dont get me started on the travel time – with the direct daily flights from Gatwick or Heathrow airports taking a really outrageous  8 1/2 hours giving you no chance to sit back, relax, enjoy a drink and a couple of movies, or just think about the adventure you’re about to have…



Oh and don’t forget the jet lag – its a killer so just don’t bother.  I mean, something that gets you up early bright eyed and bushy tailed for the first lift is not a good idea when you want to party all night…but who wants to be maxing out on their snow time on a skiing holiday anyway?




2.   When you get there the transportation is awful and car hire or KHPT organised transfers are so tedious for the confusing, straight line, 3 hour drive through horrible mountain terrain, with no options to stop off and stretch your legs in Canmore or grab some sushi in Banff along the way. The Canadians haven’t had a lot of experience in keeping their road networks open either, so its bound to be a disaster.




3.   It’s a bit of a gamble with Snow conditions to go all that way & the snow could be to be rubbish. I mean,  the quality of the snow in interior BC is probally known throughout the world for its dry light ‘champagne powder’ properties because its got lots of bubbles in it – no other reason.




4.  KH is pretty limited in its skiing and personally, I really can’t stand all that deep snow you get within the resort area, getting inside your jacket, flying in your face when you make turns on huge open wide bowls.

Then close by, you have those perfetly groomed slopes, they are just for woosies; give me something challenging any day. Oh, I suppose there’s the legendary steep chutes in KH, but they are little scary and make me cry….if you’re a great off-piste skier or snowboarder they are best avoided because they will make you feel inadequate.

And worst of all – all that accessible backcountry terrain, they even make you walk up again with skis or take a helicopter. Stupid and horrible…..and don’t get me started on that huge gondola that wizzes you up in minutes and keeps you dry and warm.




5.  When it is a busy weekend at KH, you will need to queue for the gondola, unlike skiing in any European resort and during the week the pistes are so empty with no-one else around you’ll just feel so lonely….




6. If you come on our KHPT ‘Ski with the Pros’ trip with ‘Eddie the Eagle’ in Feb 2017  you just will just get bored with hanging out with him, hearing all his dull, dull stories about his life & ski jumping career and who wants to get guided round KH,  & Revelstoke by people that know where the best spots are?


eddie 3


7. There’s not much to do at KH after skiing, I mean, who wants to soak in the hottub, go bowling, try cross country skiing, watch ice hockey, go for a husky dog ride or go horse riding even go on a snowmobiling adventure.

Not me.

I don’t like friendly bars and fun nightlife in town and on the hill either so we’ll not worry about that.





8. The food in North America is all burgers and fries and the town of Golden and the resort of Kicking Horse has zero fine dining restaurants, not including The Eagles Eye – North Americas highest restaurant, 1122, Corks, Whitetooth Bistro & Cedar House.




9. What with there being loads of house and condo accommodation on mountain with open fires, Hot tubs & bbq’s on the deck you will just be pining for the cramped room you had last year at that 2* hotel.. As for Boutique Lodges KH boasts not 1 but 3, so thats only going to lead to confusion as to which one youre staying in.




10. The Canadian Dollar value has dropped after Brexit so although the value for money in Canada is great, with reasonable priced beer, food, and kit, you’d be better sticking to Europe where the Euro had dropped as much as the Canadian dollar.





So there you have it, 10 really really good reason not to come and ski at Kicking Horse with Kicking Horse Powder Tours this winter & experience great Canadian hospitality, great accommodation, great food and fantastic skiing…